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For all of us at Bierly & Rabuck, it’s personal.  Denise M. Bierly and Bobbie L. Rabuck have handled hundreds of legal matters touching adoption, surrogacy and child advocacy, but it’s not just credentials and experience they bring to your case.  They involve a unique, personal level of compassion that exists because their families have walked the same paces while pursuing similar interests of many family building clients.

We want your family to have the peace of mind to know your legal status is secure. The professional integrity and permanence of each and every case is paramount.

The Powerful Impact of Adoption

Denise’s Story
In the early 1920s, my maternal grandparents lost their firstborn son, Ira, when he was four days old. My grandmother grieved the loss of her child hard and was deeply pained. Sometime over the next year, my grandfather, ever trying to problem solve, visited an orphanage in Central Pennsylvania and arrived home with a one year old boy, my Uncle Hank.Read More

The family was open about the adoption; there were never any secrets. My Uncle Hank was the exciting family member, moving to California and opening a marketing company. He brought a sheen of glamour to the family.

Flash forward to the 1950s. My Mom was a first grade teacher. One of her students was a child in the foster care system and his foster mother died. That was the genesis of how my brother came into our family. My parents had hearts big enough to recognize that genetic ties are not solely determinative of defining family.
Because of the strong example set by my parents and grandparents, I chose to adopt my firstborn son. I knew that my family could be build in any way I chose.

Maybe one day my children will choose unconventional ways to build their families.

Bobbie’s Story
When I was a 23-year old law student, I came home to a voicemail from my mom saying my parents were getting a baby boy. I thought my mom had gone crazy. I soon learned my parents had been contacted by Children and Youth Services on behalf of a distant family member, who had identified my parents as a kinship placement resource for the infant she was unable to raise.Read More

Having successfully raised four, adult daughters, most of our family members and friends thought my parents, who were 56 and 53 at the time, had lost their minds. Growing up, my sisters and I always knew our parents had huge hearts, literally welcoming anyone into our home – from a divorcing neighbor who needed a place to stay until he got back onto his feet, to a relative who finally had the courage to leave a domestically violent relationship with her 2 small children and dog. But this…this was unfathomable. Several months later, my parents brought my brother home when he was about 10 months old. Prior to coming to live with my parents, my brother had been bounced around in several foster homes who were unable to be permanent placement options for him. My parents, therefore, understood the need to provide my brother with his forever family and home. Being in law school and having an internship in our local courthouse, my parents let it to me to find adoption attorney for them. The overwhelming recommendation I received from the legal members of our community was Denise Bierly. Although the termination of parental rights and adoption matter was uncontested by the birth parents, it was still a nerve-racking and emotional time until my brother’s adoption was finalized. Denise answered all of my parents’ questions and responded promptly and professionally, and my brother’s adoption was finalized during the summer of 2004.

More than 10 years later, we could not imagine life without our brother. I went to law school to become an advocate for children – based in large part on my parents who always provided their children with love, security, and stability. Being a part of my brother’s adoption process made these ideas tangible. I realized that these concepts are not only what every child should have – but they are what every child deserves. Anything less is unacceptable.

“I have the most amazing children in the world. I have been blessed over and over.” Bonnie Laird, 7/30/13.

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