April 1, 2018
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  When it comes to openness in adoption, it’s more common today than ever before. In fact, 95 percent of adoptions completed today are either open or mediated, meaning there is some sort of communication between the birth parents and adoptive parents during and after the adoption process. However, even though open adoption is common,

February 1, 2018
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  When you decide to become parents through adoption, you know you’ll have to go through extensive background screening before being approved to adopt. But, whether you adopt through an agency or search for an adoption opportunity independently, there will be one more step before you can begin your search: the adoptive family profile. Adoptive

November 1, 2017
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  ICWA (the Indian Child Welfare Act) is a federal law that protects children of members or eligible members of federally recognized Native American tribes. If the child you wish to adopt is a member or eligible to be a member of a tribe, they’ll be protected under ICWA laws. The attorneys of Bierly &