October 17, 2016


Are you ready to build your family in ways that would never have been possible just a few short years ago? Or are you a prospective surrogate who would like to help a family realize their dreams?

At Bierly & Rabuck, our passion is creating families, and we recognize that gestational surrogacy is a potential option for many. Let our experience and expertise guide you toward making the right decisions for you and your family.

Whether you are considering becoming a surrogate or growing your family through surrogacy, our goal is to help you navigate the process with the end result in mind. Bierly & Rabuck is keenly aware of the rights of children to grow up in stable and loving homes, and each piece of legal advice we offer is child-centered.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides a smooth legal path for gestational surrogates and intended parents to come together to create a family. Bierly & Rabuck has created a process that efficiently connects hopeful intended parents and gestational carriers, shepherds you through various levels of contract negotiations, and provides legal services throughout the pregnancy.

If you would like help in this practice area, please submit the following form and a representative from our team will contact you soon.

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