How to Find the Perfect Surrogate or Intended Parents in Pennsylvania

Whether you are intended parents looking for a surrogate mother or a prospective surrogate looking for intended parents, finding the perfect surrogacy opportunity is one of the most important parts of the entire surrogacy journey. Surrogacy can be a long process, and you will dedicate a lot of time, effort, emotion and energy to the surrogate or intended parents you choose to work with.

Bierly & Rabuck understands the importance of finding a match that you trust and feel comfortable with throughout the surrogacy process. We personally get to know each prospective surrogate and intended parent who contacts our office to ensure we are making the best possible matches.

Here, learn how to find intended parents or a surrogate with Bierly & Rabuck.

How to Find a Surrogate Mother or Intended Parents in Pennsylvania

For many hopeful parents, finding a surrogate can seem daunting — how do you find a surrogate mother who is willing to provide such an amazing, selfless gift to your family? Likewise, many prospective surrogates feel the same way about finding intended parents; with so many available surrogacy situations, how can you choose the intended parents that are right for you?

Bierly & Rabuck can provide all of the services and support you need to find a surrogate or intended parents who can help you reach your goals, including:

– Advertising: Bierly & Rabuck uses a variety of advertising avenues, including online and traditional print advertising, to find potential surrogacy situations in Pennsylvania and around the country.

– Screening: When a prospective surrogate or intended parents contact Bierly & Rabuck, we get to know them through phone calls, in-person meetings, initial applications and forms that help us better understand each family, their surrogacy goals, and more. Surrogates also undergo additional psychological and medical screening later in the process to ensure they are emotionally prepared and physically healthy enough for surrogacy.

– Conference call: When Bierly & Rabuck finds a potential match who shares surrogacy goals and plans that are similar to yours, we will schedule a conference call with both parties to allow you to get to know each other better.

– In-person meeting: If your initial phone call goes well, Bierly & Rabuck will coordinate and attend a meal with both parties so you can meet in person and talk more in depth about your hopes for your surrogacy experience. After this meeting, you can decide whether you are comfortable moving forward. If both parties are in agreement, you will officially be in a “match” and can begin the legal contract process.

Finding a surrogate mother or intended parents can be overwhelming on your own, but Bierly & Rabuck is committed to helping you find your ideal surrogacy situation. You will be forever connected to the woman or couple you choose to work with, and we know that finding the right one is one of the most important factors in creating a successful, enjoyable surrogacy experience.

If you are looking for a surrogate or intended parents, please contact us to learn more about available surrogacy situations in Pennsylvania.